Recovery Services


We run an extensive fleet of recovery vehicles to carry out roadside assistance and recovery from anything from the smallest of mopeds to the largest of HGVs and exceptional equipment.

We are also sole recovery operator for the Cambridgeshire guided Busway.

Vehicle Recovery

Rapid Roadside Assistance

Allways Garage Services offers a wide variety of recovery services for cars and commercial vehicles which includes:
•  Partial lift
•  Full Lift
•  Crane Recovery
•  Off Road Capability
•  Low Loader

We have over 25 years experience in vehicle recovery arising from major breakdown, accident or theft.

Our 24 Hour UK Control Centre deals with vehicle recovery throughout mainland Britain.

We are the chosen provider for many Motoring Organisations, Local Authorities, Insurance Companies, Franchise Dealerships, Body shops, the Motor trade, and businesses of all sizes and for individuals too.

Our network of approved suppliers ensure a rapid response and fast repatriation of vehicles anywhere within the UK.

Modern total or partial lift vehicles with comfortable seating for up to 6 passengers – perfect for long journeys and large families.

Extra low loader for vehicles with minimal ground clearance, customised vehicles, sports and racing cars.

Specialist trucks available for long vehicles including mobile caravans, motor homes, trailers, limousines and boat trailers anytime and anywhere within the UK.

Accident Units on 24 hr call to recover vehicles regardless of their condition.

Four Wheel Drive support vehicles are on standby to assist at off road or remote locations.

Collection and delivery of motor cars and mid -size and heavy commercial vehicles is our speciality.

Competitive prices for non urgent long distance transportation.

Allways Garage Services is rigorously inspected every year, to ISO9001:2008 & PAS 43:2016 standards and guarantees you, a safe, efficient and accredited service.

The service extends to motorcycles, cars, vans and commercial vehicles please call or click for a quotation.

We cater for individuals and fleet users.

Commercial Recovery

Allways Commercial Services can provide:-
•  Repair and Recovery for any commercial or fleet vehicle.
•  Repair and Recovery for motor caravans, large R.V’s and horse boxes too.
•  Fully equipt mobile service vans.
•  24 hour roadside service 365 days of the year.
•  High levels of service and expertise on commercial vehicles.
•  Peace of mind for owner drivers and infrequent users of heavy and commercial vehicles.
•  Full repair and recovery facilities available..

We aim to repair every vehicle.
For more information or for emergency roadside assistance phone

Motor Cycle Recovery

Nothing is too difficult we carry mopeds, super bikes, trikes and choppers.

All personnel are fully trained in motor cycle recovery techniques. Every precaution is taken to protect every part of the machine. Special care is required to prevent damage to magnesium or alloy wheels and other polished or painted areas.

Fully insured transportation.